A Special Message for our friends in law enforcement!

We're a little different!  We are not here just to sell stuff.  We are here to provide simple solutions for serious situations!  Case in point - many of our readers are familiar with the increase of armed robbery and burglary with an increasing focus on pharmacies, retail stores and schools along with the traditional targets of convenience and liquor stores.

Pharmacies in Walker county Alabama were hard hit by burglars in late February of 2014.  The bad guys have their plan down pat - disable the power/phones and get in an out in less than four minutes.  So far, it's worked every time (Click here for a copy of a recent news article).

The good news is that we have simple and affordable devices that can instantly report disruptions in power, unauthorized entry, and armed intrusion for as little as $349.  Even our most sophisticated systems cost less than the cost of an insurance deductible.  There are two classes of products available - one purchased by the merchant and the other provided by the police department. For more information, just give us a call at 205.854.2611.

SmartSuite Products and Services just for YOU!

SmartSuite is a compilation of products and services developed specifically to address the special needs of law enforcement. Our focus is on practical and affordable solutions to everyday needs that can be implemented without federal funding assistance.  We've been helping municipal and county agencies with grant assistance since the old L.E.A.A. programs of the 70's. We know how to find money and how to get it, but the available funds are shrinking and the conditions are becoming increasingly more complex.

As an alternative to grants, we believe that creative financial planning, community and corporate partnerships, and making the most of what you have can fulfill many of your objectives. CrimeBuster is a good example!

CrimeBuster Protects People, Premises, and Property!

Wireless surveillance has been around for many years. Products such as GROUNDHOG, OSCAR, and others have been around since the Kel Corporation (later acquired by Bell & Howell) developed the first systems back in the 60's. Over the years, the systems technology has improved, but cost has been prohibitive for all but large departments and no single system has been available to serve a variety of applications,

That has all changed with the introduction of the CrimeBuster system!  A single portable system, capable of operating on either AC or battery power is capable of providing personal emergency call notification with a personal call button.  The CrimeBuster can also be used for premise entry detection and reporting (door, motion, and power sensors) or to detect tampering with air conditioners by copper thieves.  CrimeBuster can report events directly to VHF or UHF 2-way radios or to PC's and Cellphones via the Internet. AND there are no monthly charges.  Better yet, the complete system, ready to go to work for you is less than two thousand dollars!  Want to know more?  Just click here or call us at 800.489.2611.  You've got to see it to believe it!

NarrowBand Solutions Planner now available!

Your radios need to work all the time, EVERYWHERE! When a call comes in, and officer never knows what they will find on arrival at the scene.  That's why the 2-way radio has to work! Unfortunately, since narrow banding, many agencies have found that their radios no longer work in remote areas, the very areas where the radio is most needed! 

In some cases, the mobile radio may still work, but the portable radio coverage can be significantly reduced as a result of narrow banding.  A portable radio that doesn't work on a domestic violence call, or even a routine traffic stop is a problem that must be corrected.  The question is HOW do you correct the problem? If you have "a narrow band problem", we may have a solution.  If you would like to know more, just click here.  You'll be glad you did!

PT-Tracker Developed for Alanarc now available for YOU!
Falcon Direct has been used by officers of the Alabama Narcotics Association (AlaNarc) with vehicle tracking systems for several years.  One of our special products developed for the special needs of law enforcement is called PT-Tracker, alternately known as Slap-N-Go..  It does just what the name implies!  Within seconds, this battery powered, weatherproof, magnetically attached device can be slapped under a vehicle to provide instant tracking from any Internet connected PC, Smart Phone or Tablet.

PT-Tracker is simple, effective, and affordable.  Special pricing was developed for AlaNarc along with the capability to provide email notification to officers whenever a vehicle moves outside an assigned area.  Reports are generated to indicate all stops and duration..  Every investigative office should have at least one.  It's a lot less expensive than assigning an officer.  Better yet, it takes no breaks, is never distracted, and doesn't charge for overtime!  Additional information is available by clicking here.

MVR900 - The Ultimate SWAT Team Communicator!

In times of emergency, SWAT Team members need the best in protective gear and weaponry to protect them while they protect us, but the key to a successful mission is good communications!  

After years of development, a communications system is now available for the special needs of SWAT teams. Our new MVR system is lightweight, rugged, and affordable.  More importantly, the MVR communicator provides crystal clear digital HANDS FREE communications using highly encrypted technology! Additional information is available by clicking here!

OBD-X5 - The Silent Partner!
Hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars are spent by law enforcement agencies for the purpose communicating and exchanging information with personnel in the field. Often these systems are designed to serve only local area needs, rather than total department needs. Prisoner Transport Vehicles (PTV's) are a good example.

A local Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system often incorporates the ability to track vehicles when they are in the local service area. Unfortunately, such systems are generally designed for municipal and/or county use.  So how do you keep up with a vehicle that frequently travels outside your local area?  The simple and affordable solution is the OBD-X5!  This incredible plug in device can be used to monitor travel activity of PTV's from any Internet Connected PC.  The cost is less than a dollar per day!  Additional information is available by clicking here.

The Library - Information you need, when you need it!

Our primary business is communications; it has been for over 50 years. While it is true that we offer 2-way radios and related accessories, we are very different from others who "sell" 2-way radios.  We are not trying to make a sale without first giving you the facts you need before making an informed decision.  To accomplish that objective, we provide unbiased information to help those we serve.  We have a team of people to help you find and get grants, to make sure you are compliant with FCC regulations, and offer our services either as a consultant or a vendor as you choose.  See the following links for a few of the resources available from The Library! You'll find the Library OurLibrary.us

SafeCommunity Products for those you serve!

SafeCommunity products are purchased by the user and supported by participating law enforcement agencies and/or other members in the community.  For example, our SafePass system is an expandable school security system based on a working relationship with School Resource Officers and/or municipal or county law enforcement agencies.  The school purchases equipment to address their needs directly from Falcon Community Services.  

There is no cost to participating law enforcement agencies.  The CrookCatcher, TamperTeller, and RobberStooper systems are designed to reduce property theft, burglary, and armed robbery. Additional information on each of these four systems follows below.

SafePass Helps You Keep Churches and Schools Safer!

One of the hottest current topics is improving school safety.  We have developed an expandable concept known as the SafePass Program.  Phase One is to install a wireless call box at the front door that connects to a desktop wireless communicator AND all 2-way radios used by school administrative and SRO personnel. The desktop communicator also has the ability to send a distress signal to all 2-way radio equipped personnel at the push of a button.  Other enhancements include integration of VHF or UHF radios and/or desktop, and personal emergency call buttons.  You can learn more by clicking here.  Working together, we can make schools safer!  Call us at 205.854.2611 for more information.

CrookCatcher Helps Put Burglars On The Run!

Almost a decade ago, Falcon Direct developed America’s first totally wireless premise detection and notification system. It's called  the CrookCatcher! We could tell you many stories of how this remarkable product has been, and is being used by law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Alabama.  Over the years, many improvements have been made and the remarkable CrookCatcher remains totally unique as a simple, efficient, and affordable wireless stakeout system.

CrookCatcher  can operate anywhere, with or without  AC power.  Setup takes on a few minutes since sensors (door, motion, and property) are wireless.  When an intruder is detected, a silent alarm is activated which transmits a location alert message directly over the law enforcement agency 2-way radio!  There are no delays with third party monitoring or dispatch centers, and there are no monthly charges.The newest version of CrookCatcher is based on our new AlarmAlert technology. This system can quickly pay for itself in the reduction of manpower associated with long term stakeouts.  Additional information is available by clicking here.   

TamperTeller Helps You Catch Copper Thieves!
Broadcasters, Churches, Farmers, Municipalities, Property Owners, and Electrical Utilities all have one thing in common - Copper theft!  We are all paying for senseless criminal acts involving Arson, Burglary, and Copper theft - the ABC's of one of America's major crime problems.

We've got a solution!  It's called The TamperTeller Program, a joint venture between participating churches and property owners along with local law enforcement agencies and Falcon Direct; working together as a coordinated team to drive these crime out of communities that are fed up with being victimized!

If you've had enough, click here for complete information on The TamperTeller Program, then give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email ServingU@falcondirect.com.

RobberStopper Helps You Protect Merchants!
Anyone who handles cash is a potential victim of armed robbery. The prime targets are banks,  cash advance stores, convenience stores, credit unions, liquor stores, payday advance stores, and just about anyone else that handles cash.  Those who are outside the jurisdiction of larger cities, within a mile of an Interstate highway, and those isolated from other business establishments are at even higher risk!  

We offer some efficient and affordable solutions based on networking between merchants and law enforcement through a program known as LawDirect, as well as an alternate program for use by participating merchants known as NeighborNet.

Falcon Community Services can help you help the merchants in your area through the implementation of one or both of the aforementioned programs at no cost to your agency.  We are available to meet with you at your convenience to provide additional details.  Call Burch Falkner at 205.202.1269 for more information.

What's New!
We are always working to improve our abilities to better serve our communities.  One of the newer services is excluding our services as a vendor and assuming the role of a communications consultant. We realize that it is often difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff in reviewing the offerings of manufacturers and their sales representatives.  The use of an independent consultant, paid on the basis of a percentage of actual savings can pay handsome dividends.  For additional information, check out our services by clicking here.  We are also leading the field in developing new concepts and services to improve church and school safety.  Read more about our enhanced services for churches by clicking here!

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